Design Gallery HelmRinderknecht

Martin Rinderknecht invited us to produce a mobile installation for his exhibition THIS IS THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT.
We love disco balls. They are so unsophisticated, but once the light is on, the effect is out of proportion, flamboyant and thrilling. Inspired by high street sequins signs and façades, our mobile consists of 528 polished discs mounted on wooden frames. Whilst very low-tech, once in the air stream, it produces an elaborate and captivating effect. Hundreds of shimmering pixels, reflecting contrasting lights and colours from their surroundings, creating ever-changing patterns and colours, just like a mobile painting.

Designed in collaboration with Loris Jaccard
HelmRinderknecht, ©2013
Inge-Clemente, ©2014

Livia Lauber POP L 0001 HELMRINDERKNECHT 2013 Livia Lauber POP L 0000 Inge Clemente 2014 Livia Lauber POP P 0000 Inge Clemente 2014 Livia Lauber POP P 0001 Inge Clemente 2014 Livia Lauber POP L 0003 HELMRINDERKNECHT 2013