Most Beautiful Swiss Books / Design Museum

The ENZO bookshelf, made from aluminium, combines usefulness with style. It's a two-sided book display and room divider, featuring ten shelves and two vertical supports connected by a subtle outer frame. Its grid design ensures each book has its own neat place. Practical features like wheels, slightly slanted shelves (12°), and colourful plastic netting not only prevent books from slipping but also add a vibrant touch, making it both functional and visually appealing.

ENZO was originally commissioned to display "The Most Beautiful Swiss Books" at Reference Point, a library at 180 Strand in Central London. It is currently on show at the London Design Museum, part of the Free display "Grazie Enzo Contemporary Responses to Enzo Mari" until February 2025.

Inspired by the making of the ENZO shelf showcased at the Design Museum, I decided to create several variations for my home. I designed a versatile wall shelf to showcase my treasures, a bookshelf doubling as a night table, a shoe rack for the entrance, and a compact single wall shelf for my everyday essentials.

Opening Photography: Lewis Ronald

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